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In 1998 Kevin Finta was fresh out of high school and after a few days spent at a junior college he decided school was not for him, but hard work and determination were. Kevin went out and bought a 1979 flatbed pick-up and a 1962 gooseneck trailer and started delivering hay to horse owners and stacking it in their barn.
Word of mouth spread and soon he was
upgrading his delivery truck and looking
for a place with a hay barn to expand his
business. After a couple of years in
Livermore he once again realized he needed
a bigger place and this time he was looking
to own his own land to build his dream
facility. He happened upon a 10 acre parcel
in the little town of Byron and he became a
land owner. Quickly, he started construction
on his 120 ft. X 60 ft. hay barn so he could
properly store several types of hay to
quickly meet his customer's needs.
Kevin's keen business sense and terrific customer
service allowed the company to expand
even more without losing that personal

Today Finta Hay Service has an
experienced, dedicated and knowledge-
able staff that works hard to insure that
your questions are answered as quickly
as possible for the products you need.
We also work closely with several suppliers
to keep up to date on the latest products
available. Customers are welcome to
come to our yard to buy feed where we
have someone to load you or you, can call
for a delivery (minimum amount required).

Telephone: (925) 516-5859

4265 Camino Diablo Road . Byron, California 94514
Post Office Box 425

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