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  • Shavings: America's Choice Kiln Dried, 8.0 cu. ft. or 12.0 cu. ft. These shavings are highly absorbent, dust free, light & fluffy and very easy to clean. They also have a great pine smell. Full pallets are covered with a plastic hood and then shrink wrapped for storage outside in the rain.
  • Wood Pellets: These pellets are from Canada made by Pine Stall. They are 100% pine and are highly absorbent. Each pellet acts like a tiny sponge absorbing 10 times it's weight in liquid. There is no removal of wet bedding either. Just mix in some drier pellets with the wet spot and the liquid is re-absorbed. Cuts down on waste removal by two-thirds. If maintained properly stalls can go as long as 3 months without being stripped. Also great for trailers since they don't blow around.
  • EZ Pik: A tiny shaving that makes it easy to separate waste from bedding, reducing your manure pile. Also very fluffy.
  • Ceda Rest: A cedar fiber outdoor paddock bedding. Eliminates mud in your outdoor paddocks and arena. Has a great cedar scent and does not blow away. Please visit http://www.stallskins.com/ for more info and pictures. (Call for availability).
  • Dry Stall: Usually used as an addition to your regular stall bedding to absorb moisture and ammonia. Can also be used in a paddock to dry out a persistant wet spot.
  • Sweet PDZ: Stall freshener and ammonia reducer. We have used this with our 600 lb. hog and our 4 dogs in the heat of summer and it completely got rid of the ammonia. Sweet PDZ comes as a powder and a granule in 40 lb. bags.
  • Doug Fir Shaving: A large, firm shaving with a great smell. These shavings aren't as absorbent as the America's Choice, but many people like them for horses that are tough on bedding or to use in trailers or indoor/outdoor sheds and paddocks.

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