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Finta Hay Service has been delivering hay and other products to our customers for 9 years. As time has gone on we have improved on this service immensely. We require a minimum of 40 bales of hay or more for a delivery. Other products need a 4 pallet minimum for delivery. We have three different trucks for our deliveries. They are as follows:

Flatbed Delivery...

This truck is a 10 wheeler, 24 feet in length. It can carry 12 pallets of hay or shavings or 10 pallets of grain or wood pellets. The hay is handstacked here at our yard onto pallets, usually 10 bales per pallet, and then forklifted onto the truck. All other products will be shrink wrapped on the pallets and then forklifted on. When we arrive at your place we will remove the pallets of product with the forklift that is carried on the truck and put them in a forklift accessible area. For our current forklift we need 8 feet of height clearance and 8 feet of width clearance with a flat surface for the lift to travel on. When using this truck for delivery please make sure that there is enough space for the forklift to move comfortably around when unloading. This delivery usually has a delivery fee due to the extra time and manual labor involved.

Retriever Delivery...

Our hay retriever is a Pete 330 with a state of the art Hauser Built Retriever Bed. This bed uses a channel system to allow the height to be expanded or retracted. This allows us to haul a stack of hay as small as 64 bales or as tall as 96 bales. For those of you with smaller barns this works out great. To fit into a barn with a 64 bale stack we need 12 feet of height and 10 feet of width in the interior of the barn. When measuring please account for beams and shelves in your measurements. The way this truck unloads is the bed tips up and sets the hay down in a neat 8 X 8 stack. Each tier in the stack usually consists of 8 bales. We can put more than one type of hay on this truck when done in 8 bale quanitities. For example, we an deliver 32 bales of alfalfa and 32 bales of oat hay in the same stack. Unfortunately we cannot separate the hay for you due to restrictions with the truck.

Along with this delivery we can bring grain, bedding or more hay in small quanitities. Kevin was inventive enough to add a drom deck behind the cab specifically for this reason. This avoids our customers having to drive to pick up their other products, saving precious time. It's all delivered right to your door. There is no delivery charge on our retriever delivery. Local customers, those of you within a 12 mile radius, also receive a per bale discount.

Truck & Trailer Delivery...

For those of you who have more than a few mouths to feed we offer bulk deliveries on all of our products. Along with the bulk quanitities you will receive a bulk rate. All truck and trailer quantities are quoted by Kevin. Hay is quoted by the ton and grain, shavings and wood pellets are quoted by the bag. Our truck and trailer for hay and shavings is a semi with two trailers pulled behind totaling 75 feet in length. For wood pellets, the semi is followed by a van trailer totaling 65 feet. These trucks do require special accessibility due to their size. Please call us for those requirements.

A truck & trailer of hay consists of 480-512 bales. A hay squeeze will follow the truck to the location and unload the hay in 64 bale blocks.

A truck & trailer of shavings consists of 28 pallets. A load of 8.0 cu. ft. shavings totals 1,008 bags with 36 bags to a pallet. A load of 12.0 cu. ft. shavings totals 784 bags with 28 bags to a pallet. The bags are stacked in tiers of 4 on a 4 X 4 pallet which are then covered with a plastic hood and shrink wrapped making them very weather proof. This works out great for those of you who'd like to order the bigger quantity but don't have a place to store them out of the weather. This truck is unloaded by a forklift which we usually can provide.

A truck & trailer of wood pellets consists of 21-22 pallets totaling 1,050-1,100 bags. There are 50 bags to a pallet. All pallets are shrink wrapped and then covered by a plastic hood. We do not recommend storing these out in the rain for extended periods. The wood pellets are highly absorbent and even a small hole in the cover and/or a bag can make for a big mess. Luckily these pallets only measure 4 X 4 X 4 making them very compact. The pallets can also be double stacked to condense space. A forklift is also needed for this truck to be unloaded which we can usually supply.

At Finta Hay we work hard to make sure all our deliveries are done efficiently, conveniently and professionally. Our drivers have been trained to minimize everyone's time and eliminate any potential problems. Please call us to ask any further questions on our delivery services.

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