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Here at Finta Hay we believe in top quality feed for your animal. We work hard to supply the freshest hay and grain we can get. The types of hay that we carry year-round are:

  • Horse Quality Alfalfa
  • Bluegrass/Alfalfa Mix
  • Oat Hay
  • Wheat Hay
  • Grass Hay
  • Bedding & Construction Straw
Seasonal hays include:
  • Rye Grass
  • Pasture Grass
  • Forage Blend
  • Cow Hay

We also carry straight grains, formulated feeds and supplemental products produced by LMF, Nutrena, TDI, Farmers Feed, ASI, Sweetlix, High Noon, Crystalyx & Sterret Brothers Low Carb Complete Feed (also known as Cushings Pellets). For a recommendation on a feed to fit your animal's specific situation please call us at the office and visit the links above for in depth info on each product.

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